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Xtra Pure HOCl Hand Sanitizer


Xtra Pure HOCl Hand Sanitizer


Xtra Pure HOCl Sanitizer is your unique all-in-one personal wellness product that has been designed to meet all your persona; sanitizing and wellness needs. Xtra Pure has been formulated using a proprietary manufacturing process that results in an exceptionally pure (99.99%) and stable form of hypochlorous that is natural, safe (no side effects) and highly effective in ensuring bacteria, fungus and viruses are dealt with appropriately both during and after the pandemic.

What makes Xtra Pure HOCl special compared to other HOCl products in the market?

• Purity of the hypochlorous (99.99% pure).

• Does not contain salt (unlike the majority of products in the market).

• Does not contain OCI - molecules (bleach unlike the majority of HOCl products boasting a pH of above 5.8).

• It undergoes a proprietary manufacturing process designed to bring an exceptionally pure form of Hypochlorous to the public

 Retail Price: $14.95


Get one case of 24 bottles for $150